5 Best Folding Beds in the UK that Save Space and Provide Comfort

If you are in search of the best folding bed for home or a simple option that allows you to enjoy a day of camping, review the options that we summarize for you and that have positioned themselves in the market.

A folding auxiliary bed with a mattress will always be a good choice to serve a guest or to place it in a room on a small floor. In any case, it is an alternative to save space and money.

As its variety is wide there will always be the possibility of getting some economic that will meet your tastes. It only establishes the needs and requirements.

The best folding beds

What is the best folding bed?

There are many features that will make you define which is the best folding bed. However, take into account the following:

  • Select a stable to not compromise comfort. Check your weight support. They usually have a resistance of 100 kilograms.
  • Choose those that have a thick mattress, so that comfort prevails.
  • As it is usually a mobile item, look for those made with lightweight materials and so there will be no difficulties to transport or move them from one place to another.
  • If you are determined to make the investment consider the double folding bed because you will have more accommodation capacity.

Quality Mobles single folding bed

Simple and comfortable

Milliard 15cm Thick Tri Folding Mattress/Tri Fold...
23 Reviews
Milliard 15cm Thick Tri Folding Mattress/Tri Fold...
  • The Milliard Foam Tri-fold Mattress...
  • Foam is known for the therapeutic...
  • The Milliard Foam Tri-fold Mattress is...

There is nothing else that you have at home a folding bed to provide care to a guest. This model is one of the simplest in the comparison, but it has valuable qualities. His armour is metallic with wooden slats, while his mattress is soft thick foam.

Italian folding bed Beautissu

Resistant and practical

Beautissu Folding Bed Venetia 80 x 200 cm Foldable...
  • Are you having overnight guests and want...
  • The convenient single folding guest bed...
  • The foldable bed has a foam core...

For any moment of contingency, you can choose this fabulous folding auxiliary bed with Italian technology mattress. It is comfortable when you extend or save, so there will be no worry when you want to use it. It is double, its base is made of resistant metal and with wheels to locate it without mishap.

JAY-BE Venus Single Folding Guest Bed 

Cosy alternative

JAY-BE Venus Single Folding Guest Bed with Dual...
1154 Reviews
JAY-BE Venus Single Folding Guest Bed with Dual...
  • It has a board on the headboard
  • Spring slatted frame for additional...
  • Deep and double-layer comfort mattress

If you are planning to buy a bed to save space or temporary use, you can evaluate this functional option. Your mattress is thick enough to guarantee rest and maximum comfort. Its structure is made of robust metal. When folding it does not take up much space and you can store it in a practical way in a closet.

Folding steel bed JAY-BE, Fabric, Black

Useful investment

JAY-BE Folding, Fabric Black, Single
965 Reviews
JAY-BE Folding, Fabric Black, Single
  • Dimensions opened: Height 39 cm, width...
  • British made with lifetime frame...
  • Exceeds British and European safety...

If you have decided to buy a bedroom for camping, travel or simply for contingency at home, this brand offers you a good product that has been manufactured in stainless steel to ensure greater durability. It is composed of three comfortable cushions that when you fold you will get a simple stool.

Ecological folding bed Veraflex

For every taste

Veraflex Colonia Guest Bed Metal Frame Anthracite...
14 Reviews
Veraflex Colonia Guest Bed Metal Frame Anthracite...
  • Lifetime Frame Guarantee
  • Guest Bed with Steel frame and...
  • 360 degree castors also Comes with dust...

It is recommended by its buyers because it offers a good relationship between quality and price. Your mattress includes a protective dust cover for sporadic or continuous use without worrying about pollutants. It can be used for adults and children. In addition, it is the cheapest of the comparison.

What is a folding bed?

The folding beds are those built in light metal so they can be folded in two or even three parts and thus stored in a small place. They are very used when receiving guests or for vacations. Because it is compact, it is the solution in the bedrooms of apartments with reduced size. They have always been present in the market but have evolved in terms of materials, designs and sizes.

Advantages of having a folding bed

The profit you can get is much. I list some of them so you have a reference:

  • It is more economical than a traditional bed and is the best option in case its use will not be frequent.
  • They fold easily and are stored in a small space.
  • The mattress is made of foam to avoid damage with folding.
  • You can get them of all sizes
  • It is the best option in case you do not have a fixed place of residence.
  • Although they fold they can recover their shape without affecting the comfort of the mattress because they are made for that purpose.
  • It is the best solution before sleeping on the floor.
  • Some become modern furniture and complement the decoration of the spaces.

Types of folding beds

There are three types of folding bed, which I describe below so you can differentiate them before selecting:


They are models of simple beds composed of metal armour, a spring mesh or wooden slats. Usually, mattresses are simple foam.


Corresponds to those designs of folding beds that includes drawers and that at the moment of folding are visualized as a dresser. They usually have a headboard and stirrups. They are a little more expensive but they are more useful. They are not good for taking them out of the house.


This type of folding bed has a metal frame similar to the standard, but instead of folding in half, it is folded into three parts to become a cosy bed similar to that used by Asians.

What to look for when choosing the best folding bed?


The most recommended is that the bed to be selected is made of metal, steel or wood, because resistant materials that will guarantee durability.


It is common to get them in twin, full and queen size, everything will depend on your need and space to use. The most in demand are full.


Some folding beds come without the mattress but it is best to make the purchase together so that afterwards it will not be difficult to find the compatibility. They come from foam and also with springs.


It is one of the qualities that stand out in this type of bed because you can keep it comfortably inside a closet or in a small room. Many times they go unnoticed.

Type of frame

Corresponds to the most sophisticated models. Those made in steel are the best.

Easy to use

You can open it and close it daily. It is very practical to use and store. Most do not require effort.


They are usually light and easy to manipulate. In case of the options with drawers, they may be a bit heavier when shooting and save.