5 Flat Toasters for Toasts and Irresistible Paninis

For breakfast, I had a toaster in which I heated the previous day’s bread and ready, crunchy bread without complications. The problem is that suddenly stopped heating, for no apparent reason. I confess that when I went out to buy that one time, I did not really look for the best flat toaster but the one that was cheaper for me, without looking much. Lesson learned…

When buying such an appliance, one should pay attention to its details and specifications, because if not, things like this happen. The truth is that I am a bread fan and my family too. We hardly spent a day without eating a slice of toast, at some point. Is it the same?

I said to my wife: You have to find a new and fast one. She agreed and we started seeing a lot of online models without being able to decide. We wanted, of course, an economic but a reliable brand, not to go through that disappointment again. At least not in a long time. The use of energy and efficiency was also an issue that mattered to us.

Finally, we found several potential specimens. If you are also in need of one of these I will tell you how we got to the most outstanding ones and how to continue towards the Holy Grail of the flat roasters.

What is the best flat toaster?

This appliance is ideal for toast, croissant and breadstick. Also recommended for reheating and defrosting bread pieces. But there are several things to look for before you get one for the kitchen. For example:

  • Size: The dimensions are important because with them you will know how many slices you can toast each time. Generally, they are between 4 and 6. In addition, you have to consider the space you require on the countertop.
  • Material: The most recommended is that it is made of stainless steel, at least in the grid and the area of ​​the resistances. This will give you greater resistance to heat and will make it easier to clean after use. You can bring cold safety handles to avoid burns.
  • Power: The number of watts is commonly between 600 and 700. The higher the wattage, the higher the toasting capacity and perhaps the price. But of course, everything depends on your budget and needs.
  • Orientation: there are two types of these toasters, the horizontal and the vertical or lateral. Both have similar toasting mechanisms. The only difference with the vertical is obviously the position and that this includes a system of clamps to hold the slices.
  • Functions: Those who have several levels of toasting and an electronic timer are an excellent option. With this last, you avoid eating burnt bread at breakfast by carelessness. It is also convenient when they bring an LCD display to program the tasks to reheat or defrost.
  • Accessories: It is important to maintain the order in the kitchen and the durability of the machine, that they have a tray to collect the crumbs that usually fall.

The 5 best flat roasters on the market, in our opinion, are the ones that I will share right away. Maybe they serve to make a comparison and choose the one that suits you best.

1. Ufesa Selecta flat toaster TT7920

With LCD display

Those who do not want strictly manual equipment will have with this a good option for its LCD screen that allows visualizing the programmed. This device has a timer to turn off at the time you indicate and so the toast is perfect.

It includes a defrosting function and has a power of 650 degrees. Its energy efficiency is class A + and the toasting it produces is uniform. It is very easy to clean because it adds a crumb tray.

2. Tristar BR-2400 Flat Toaster

Stainless steel

Tristar BR-2400 – Toaster Flat with Timer on...
2 Reviews
Tristar BR-2400 – Toaster Flat with Timer on...
  • Stainless steel cooking surface: 23.2 x...
  • Toast Sandwich...
  • Removable crumb tray - Signal the end...

It is ideal for those who seek greater resistance and durability in a toaster because its casing is made entirely in stainless steel. It has 400 W of power and 6 adjustment levels for roasting. It is compact and flat. It does not take up too much space, so it fits on any countertop and is easy to store, if necessary.

It includes automatic disconnection and you can not miss a tray to collect the residues and bread crumbs.

3. Moulinex Multipan A15453

Side and efficient

If you do not want a common flat toaster, you can opt for this in a lateral form that is specially designed to toast the bread on one side. It has about 760 W of power and sufficient capacity to toast up to 4 slices at a time.

To avoid burns, it has safety handles. The handles are kept cold which allows to manipulate the equipment and remove the croissants without risks. Includes a traditional on/off button.

4. Cecotec flat horizontal toaster

With quartz resistances

Cecotec Easy Toast Basic – Flat Horizontal...
1 Reviews
Cecotec Easy Toast Basic – Flat Horizontal...
  • Horizontal flat toaster with 600 W...
  • Quartz heating element.
  • Indicator light and on/off buttons

It is very convenient for those who are looking for a good toasted bread without much electrical consumption. It is equipped with quartz resistances that are more efficient and consume less energy. Its power is 600 W.

Its grid is suitable for any type of bread or pastry and underneath it has a wide crumb tray. It has a functioning indicator light and 6 power levels. Something very practical for the order is that it brings a hole collects cables.

5. Sytech SY-TP6ROJO

With acoustic warning

Flatbed Toaster Stainless Steel Double Grill 600W...
4 Reviews
Flatbed Toaster Stainless Steel Double Grill 600W...
  • Stainless steel grill with plastic...
  • 2 quartz heating bars
  • Removable crumb tray

The forgetful would not have to eat more burnt bar bread if they opt for this horizontal model. It has an acoustic sound function in the form of a warning so you know when toast is ready. It also has a functioning indicator light.

The grid is made of stainless steel that makes it more resistant and easy to clean. Its electronic selector has 6 toasting positions. The device has a power of 600 W. It comes in a nice red colour.

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