5 Best Cash Registers to Track Your Transactions

You have already registered the company, you have a promising location and an inventory of great products and services to offer your customers. Your endeavor has the support and sympathy of family and friends, you have even begun to hire your team of employees, reliable and talented people who will help you take the project forward.

So, what is the next step? The answer is simple, to succeed with your venture you need to have an efficient and precise control of the flow of money. Every transaction counts and no detail should be overlooked, for that reason it is important that you equip your company with a cash register.

This device has multiple automatic functions, are able to generate sales reports, track inventory, and help you manage and organize an accurate record of each entry and exit of money generated in your business.

What is the best cash register?
Buying the perfect product requires a moment of research and reflection, remember that in the market there is a sea of ​​alternatives and browsing the shelves can become an overwhelming task when you do not have clarity about exactly what equipment you need to condition your business.

For this reason we invite you to consider the following factors, these are the most relevant data to take into account when choosing a cash register:

Types of cash: There are 3 types, the basic cash registers, the middle line and the commercial ones.
Screen types: Choose between basic display screens or LCD
Programmable taxes: Opt for a programmable team, to adjust the taxes specific to your country.
Slot for memories: Machines with SD memories allow you to store a more extensive and detailed record of transactions
Inventory record: Select a team that allows you to track each item and service for sale.
Ready to start? Check our comparative selection and find the efficient equipment you need.

1. Cash register Sharp XE-A507

Provided with a maximum registration of 7000 items of sale

SHARP Shrxea507 Sharp Xe-A507 Thermal - 99 Dept Cash Reg-Scan
  • Sold as 1 EA. High-speed thermal printing on drop-in...
  • Eight-line operator display.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities and seamless tie-in to...
  • Built-in SC card slot for programming, back-up and...

We present a modern and great cash register, this team has two display screens, one for the customer provided with 5 lines of information and one for the operator.

It has a barcode scanner, 99 departments to organize your products by categories, an SD memory slot that allows you to easily copy the records, a thermal printer and Quickbooks accounting software.

In addition, it is provided with an extra large security drawer equipped with different compartments for bills and coins. It comes in a sober black design and is equipped with large and durable programmable buttons.

2. Cash register Sam4s er-260

Equipped with 15 sales departments

It is an effective and compact cash register machine, ideal for small businesses. This equipment is manufactured by the renowned Catering Store Direct Ltd brand, has a display screen, 10 users for different operators, a maximum registration of 10,000 products and a thermal printer, capable of printing receipts quickly and efficiently.

The machine offers detailed reports on capital inflows and outflows. It also has a large security drawer to store cash and coins in an organized way.

It is provided with a board with large keys, easy to control and configure.

3. Casio SE-S400MB-SR GDPdU

An innovative and functional design

CASIO SE-S400MB-SR GDPdU Thermal Paper Cash Register, 10 Lines -...
2 Reviews
CASIO SE-S400MB-SR GDPdU Thermal Paper Cash Register, 10 Lines -...
  • CASIO SE-S400MB-SR GDPdU thermal paper cash register....
  • 50 operators / 200 product groups / 3000 items...
  • Anti-bacterial raised keyboard keys with 2 x...
  • Thermal printing of 14 lines per second; thermal roll:...

If you are looking for an economical and efficient cash register this model is perfect for you. This equipment has 2 LCD backlight screens, one for the operator with 10 lines of information and one for the customer.

It is equipped with a programmable 25-button keypad for quick access to different options, it has a built-in silent and fast thermal printer, capable of printing 14 lines per second on purchase receipts.

In it you can register a total of 3000 different products. In addition, it allows you to configure 25 sales departments, tax rates, date, time, header and footer.

4. Olivetti ECR 7700

Excellent relation between quality and price

Olivetti Cash Register 7190
  • 14 departments, Up to 500 PLU's, 8 Clerks
  • 4 forms of payment types (Card, Check, Charge and Cash)
  • Smart, compact design with small lockable Metal cash...
  • Training mode - ideal for learning how to use the...

It is the cheapest model of our selection, this cash register helps you efficiently track sales records and control of your company.

It is provided with a double alphanumeric viewer, one intended for the use of the operator and another for the customer, it also has a compact safety drawer equipped with 8 compartments for storing coins and bills.

The team offers the user an electronic diary of 3000 lines of information. It has a thermal printer and is able to accept 4 different payment methods: metallic, checks, cards or charges.

It also allows the user to register up to 999 articles in 40 different departments.

5. Olympia CM 960 SF

Unit equipped with thermal printer

Olympia CM 960 SF anthrazit
  • Olympia
  • Office Product

This wonderful equipment is provided with an easy-to-use and configure control keyboard, so that you can register up to 20,000 different products, different tax rates and 99 sales departments.

It has a drawer with 8 compartments for coins and 4 for bills, an LCD screen with 10 lines of information and a thermal printer silent and fast at the time of printing the sales receipts.

The team provides the user with detailed reports of the transactions of the day or month, according to your preferences, it is also able to record the volume of sales by departments, products and operators.

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