Bathroom scale has become an increasingly important tool since we started to worry so much about our weight and more generally about our physique. Now the bathroom scale is a tool used by the vast majority of the population, anyone who owns at least one model at home, sometimes has even more than one!

Nowadays the market offers an infinite number of different models and it is difficult to choose. There are bathroom scales of all colours, of all sizes, more expensive or less expensive, complex, easy or more difficult to use. It is practically impossible to understand something!

Choose the best bathroom scale

Have you finally decided to buy a scale, but are you confused? I am happy to share my knowledge with all of you to help you decide what bathroom scale to buy. Read this page and you will already have some ideas for reflection!

1. Renpho Digital Bathroom body weight scales

We start with a bathroom scale that will help you with your training, telling you all kinds of data about your condition, from the body fat that exists right now in your body, as well as other interesting data, such as bone or muscle mass. This scale will be able to be used by the whole family and for the desired function, knowing if you gain or lose weight because you can register 8 different profiles.

In order to know everything that this product can do for us, it offers you an extensive manual in which it describes in detail all the functions that it is capable of doing for you.

2. Bathroom scale for body weight

It is a bathroom scale in which many users have put their trust without disappointing you in the least because as you can see, it is very resistant to shock, has some legs that will keep it from moving and attractive and very intuitive design. Regarding the functions that you can offer, you have the possibility to measure your BMI when you include the data so that you always have proof of what you should lose. It will also tell you the muscle mass, getting to know if you gain muscle in your workouts.

It is a scale that if you take care of it, it can last you a lifetime without problems.

3. Youngdo Smart Digital Bathroom BMI Body Scale

One of the functions that the best scales are adding every day is the possibility of monitoring all the data that these tools offer, through an application that you can install for free on your mobile device. In this way, you will not have to be remembering each of the data, or you will simply be able to see the improvements anywhere.

This product will be able to measure your body weight, but it will also tell you other information such as your BMI or the body and visceral fat of your body so that you always have all the precise information of your body. It will require that your mobile phone have Android 4.3 or higher installed to use the function with your mobile.

4. Withings Body+ – Wi-Fi Body Composition Smart Scale

One of the important points in the scales and in the precision of these machines are the sensors that it includes, having Wi-Fi is an impressive characteristic too.

The materials of this product are made to withstand, with the use of tempered glass will be able to withstand any blow. It has a self-start and auto-off function, so you only have to go up to register your weight and go back down to turn off without giving any button.

5. Aeg Bathroom Scale

Another of the bathroom scales and that is very followed by users is this that we present in this analysis. It is a product that will have a Bluetooth function, or what is the same, you can connect your phone to read all the data provided by this device, including the measurement of body fat, BMI, consumption of recommended calories and up to the percentage of water in the body.

It can be used by both Android and iOS devices. It is very easy to clean and best of all is that it is very resistant, so you will have a scale for life, requiring only the occasional battery change.

6.Tanita UM076 Body Fat Monitor Scale

For those who are looking for bathroom scale with a basic design, but at the same time with all the functions that you can ask for the measurement of body fat, you have this model that has data such as weight, water that exists at that moment in the body, as well as muscle mass.

Its sensors are capable of weighing up to 150 kg with very little margin of error. It can be used by four different people, so it is ideal for a conventional family, having a very large screen so you do not have to leave your eyes trying to detect the numbers that appear in it. This scale is perfect for those who want to save and have basic functions.


If you are looking for one of the most precise scales in the market, you can find it in this product, which also has other features that we have loved since the beginning. To start we have to highlight that, unlike the rest, is capable of weighing up to 180 kilos, something that is not usual in these digital scales, but that, however, will do it perfectly.

It will also include up to 12 different functions with which to make measurements of your body, including the BMI that will be ideal for measuring body fat in your body. You can save all the records in your mobile application, so you always follow your performance and see how little by little you reach your goals.

8. 1 BY ONE Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The four sensors that this bathroom scale presents will help you to know your weight in a precise way, so it is a great alternative to other models that are not as high quality as this one. Like the previous one, you can weigh up to 180 kilos, looking for those people who want to lose weight and look for your ideal BMI.

For your help, it is capable of measuring up to 8 different data, among which are body fat, water in the body, muscle mass and other details, but the most interesting thing is that you can download an application in which You will have access to 40 different exercise routines with which to follow your training and be more fit.

9. Aicok digital body fat scale

This bathroom scale has been manufactured in tempered glass to ensure that, even if it hits with some element of the bathroom, or even falls, it can resist, provided that the blow is not too strong, avoiding scratches and damage to the system.

It has a high-quality LCD screen in which up to 4 different users can be registered so that each one can follow their objectives and results in the most reliable way. It can measure from body fat to muscle or bone, indicating all this with accuracy, thanks especially to its sensors that will help you to mark the perfect weight.

10. Body Composition Monitor

This bathroom scale has as a difference that has been certified by several doctors who have found that it serves clinically, giving their results as good and seeing that the quality is excellent for the health care of people who want to improve their physical shape and lower their weight.

One of the data that will mark you is the percentage of body fat, getting this way you can know how much you should lose before being healthy. On the other hand, you can also know the internal fat of your body, making all these data are better controlled and you can avoid possible diseases.

bathroom scale

Why buy a bathroom scale?

There are all kinds of scales and for thousands of different uses: mechanical, electronic, analytical, kitchen, bicycle, etc. However, when it comes to bodyweight there are only two mechanisms: digital or analogue.

Before the doctors in their rooms used large analogue scales that measured the weight and height and they had to manually specify the values. Then there were those that you saw in the soda fountains, in which you put a coin and when you went up to the base, it showed you your weight.

With the passage of time, those analogue scales had a smaller and more compact design, but there was always a question as to whether the weight was accurate. Everything changed when they finally created the digital scales, which modernized all the schemes to measure weight with true accuracy.

Let’s know a little more about the digital model or also known as “smart” and its great benefits.

  • Digital models have functions to measure body fat, muscle mass index and additional body statistics, and send that information to an application on your cell phone. This is ideal for those who need to have strict control over their weight and physical conditions, such as athletes or those who follow a specific eating plan.
  • Many models of smart scales collect information using bioelectrical impedance. It refers to the scale sending a very low electrical voltage that runs through the body and interprets the bioelectrical response, to show statistics on the scale, as well as in the application of a Smartphone.
  • There are digital scales that are compatible with well-known health applications that require you to pay a fee for their services, but you can also use other free applications.
  • There are even manufacturers of digital scales that track data (each time you use the scale), which are automatically updated in your personal data, in the application that the scale provides you. That is, they enter their data automatically in the app.
  • You can manually enter your measurements or synchronize the scale with the application of an online fitness service or online diet control.

With a digital bathroom scale plus a Smartphone, you will have the results of your body analysis more controlled and even more accurate, in comparison with an analogue device.

Imagine nothing else that you have to go to your medical check-up, and take to the doctor the application of your Smartphone with all the data of your weight, body mass, body fat index and many other measurements. Sure this saves you money on exams and your query will be faster and more efficient.

Tips for Buying the Best Bathroom Scale

Being in shape is not something that has to do with a person’s physical aesthetics, but also because of their state of health since it is known that people with a high BMI are more prone to coronary heart disease, as well as those who have a high BMI. other conditions that can be very problematic for your health. Therefore, an effective way to know your health status is with one of the best scales of body mass market, which increasingly have more interesting functions, moving away from the old ones that only gave you the weight. So that you can get yours without having to scratch your pocket too much, we have prepared the list above, but we also want you to be sure that they are the best quality with a series of tips that will help you choose the right one. what’s best for you.

scale for body fat

One of the sections that are not going to have much importance unless they differ too much with the style of your bathroom or where you put it is the design. As you have seen the compared products, as a rule always have a square aspect, removing some that seek to innovate, but it is not something that should worry unless you want to keep it in a small space, being most important, the options that they will give.

The sensors will be responsible for collecting all the weight information, so they should be as accurate and precise, especially since a small variation could make it not measure well. The advisable thing in these cases is that there is an error of calculation of only 100 grams, being these the best scales of corporal mass, nevertheless, others can include more oscillations. It should be noted that the more accurate, something more expensive usually comes out, but it is convenient to have this precision.

Digital scales to measure body weight

body weight scale

Another point to keep in mind will be the functions that will include you. Some of them may think that they will not serve you for weight loss, as is the case of bone mass, but for athletes and professionals who are dedicated to your body, it becomes essential to know all these parameters. In case you want to have all the possible data for your training or your weight loss process, they will be very useful, however, if you want only the most basic such as the percentage of body fat, or the BMI in addition to the weight, the advisable thing is that you do not spend too much money since you will not take advantage of those that will give you more than 8 functions.

One of the advantages with which these scales are presented is that they can store information of more than 4 people, and some reach up to ten. This may seem at first that it will not be useful, however, it will help you to follow some objectives, since that the scale itself will recognize you and tell you if you have raised or lowered the weight, making the achievements more visible and motivating you to continue ahead with what you have proposed.

As you may have seen in this catalogue of the best body mass scales, many of them have the possibility of installing an application on your mobile to link your scale and the data it is going to give you so that you can have this information with you. every moment.

Things to consider when choosing a bathroom scale?

in addition to thinking about the price and that is affordable for your pocket, you will also get a good quality product.


Not all digital scales have the same quality standards, there are some that are more specialized in giving exact results. The best ones are constantly accurate. For the most part, these devices detect minimal changes in weight.

In case you get to show an error in the measurement, this will not be more or less than 0.1 g, unless you have suffered a reconfiguration of all its elements. But, in itself, the accuracy of digital bathroom scales is excellent.


Because the scales include a health application that tracks personal statistics, usability is then based on the scale and the application. Connectivity is achieved through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The applications vary significantly in usability. They also include several useful tools in addition to controlling weight, such as activity levels, sleep monitoring and additional body statistics. The easiest-to-use applications offer an interface with automated tracking tools.

Measurement capabilities

Digital scales, according to their programming and functions can also measure water weight, bone density, muscle mass, daily caloric intake, visceral fat and more.

If you have thought that the scale is used by all the members of your family, then you should buy an electronic bathroom with enough memory for multiple profiles, so everyone can track their data by means of their smartphone and download of the application.

The best of all is that these applications act in a very personalized way, and for that, it has security settings by a password.


There are models of digital scales with very elegant designs, with a tempered glass platform that protects the surface of the scale from damage by water, moisture and scratches. In many, the glass has a durable plastic housing underneath.

Advanced functions

These digital devices can track the history of weight, the estimation of the percentage of body fat and the weight register, for several people. Weight trends for a month are more useful to understand their variation or stability than their one-day measurement. Smart scales record data in your mobile applications or websites for months.

For users who are heavier, it is recommended to buy a scale with a robust base that can absorb pressure.

The first-class digital bathroom scales are thin and have small footprints that do not require large spaces. All scales are calibrated automatically, so you can hide the scale when it is not in use, and resume it without having to calibrate it again, or manually.

There are those who use bathroom scales to weigh luggage, but since the bases of suitcases are usually wider than the base of the scale, they choose to hold the suitcase by taking distance from the body, and in this way, a more precise value can be obtained. Although the weight data is not given exactly, it serves to have a reference.

In the opinion of users, the quality of the scale does not have to do precisely with the price, because there are those who have bought very economic models that have been efficient, like others who bought some expensive, and they have presented errors of up to almost 1 kg.