10 Best Meat Mincers

We put at your disposal a list with the best meat grinders. If you do not finish being convinced that the minced meat of the supermarket or the butcher shop is not good quality, this type of tools will give you the security of having freshly minced and quality minced meat.

Meat Mincer – Bestsellers


1. KitchenCraft Meat Mincer with Suction Clamp

KitchenCraft Plastic Meat Mincer with Suction...
138 Reviews
KitchenCraft Plastic Meat Mincer with Suction...
  • Ditch expensive, processed supermarket...
  • Made of food-grade plastic, with 2...
  • Safe and simple to use. Just cut your...

I start talking about a good quality manual meat mincer that is very simple to use. This model has a very economical price.

Its manual operation will make it possible to use it anywhere, at the same time that you will not have to make hardly any effort to get a good result when it comes to chopping the meat. It has good materials and a system that prevents the machine from moving while we are using it on the countertop.

2. Ammiy Electric Meat Mincer Sausage Maker

Ammiy® Electric Meat Mincer Grinder and Sausage...
176 Reviews
Ammiy® Electric Meat Mincer Grinder and Sausage...
  • The Shef Meat Grinder Is A Convenient,...
  • The Electric Meat Grinder Has An...
  • Alternatively, Use The Coarse Blade For...

If you want a good machine to process the meat, this model will allow you to do it in exchange for a really small investment.

This is a versatile and versatile model that will allow you to chop meat, even if it is frozen. Although I recommend you do it when it’s cool. But in addition to meat you can snack on other foods such as fish, vegetables or fruits. Of course, when changing food is important to clean the machine well to avoid flavors can mix. It is a small machine very easy to use and durable. I can assure you that it will give you very good results.

3. Kenwood MG510 Meat Grinder

Kenwood MG510 Meat Grinder, 1600 W, Silver
187 Reviews
Kenwood MG510 Meat Grinder, 1600 W, Silver
  • 1600 W power
  • Durable die-cast brushed metal body
  • On/off/reverse switch

Chopper with great power and high-quality blades. As a whole is a machine that will give you many joys. With this model, you will get a power of 1600w and with the advantage of knowing that it has a long-lasting engine that will give you very good results.

Depending on the type of crush you want to make, you have to know that you will have to put one disc or another. You can choose between 3 options. And if that were not enough, it includes a special accessory that allows us to make sausages or homemade sausages in a very simple way. For the price you have is another alternative to consider if you like your design.

4. Stainless steel Meat Grinder

Homgeek Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Maker...
94 Reviews
Homgeek Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Maker...
  • MULTI FUNCTION - your ideal meat grinder...
  • POWERFUL - 1200W peak output (1.608HP)...
  • REVERSE FUNCTION - in case of jamming...

Homgeek It is the perfect machine if you need to chop large quantities of meat in a very agile way. It has a 1200w power motor and fast operation. You can have the minced meat in a very short time, regardless of whether it is chicken or veal.

The quality of the machine you can see nothing but you have in your hands, but especially when you see how well it comes out. Although as always recommended, to get better results it is important to chop the meat at least twice. This way you will make sure to break all the meat tenderly.

5. Moulinex Meat Grinder A327R1

Moulinex - A327R1 – Chopper and Blender
8 Reviews
Moulinex - A327R1 – Chopper and Blender
  • Blade material: Stainless steel.
  • Body/casing material: Plastic.
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H): 33 x...

This time I present you a very simple and perfect picadora if you only want to mince small amounts of meat in your house. If your idea is to mince enough meat, then bet on other models of this list.

It has a simple design and a small size, so once you have used it is easy to clean and save. To make you to the idea, has a capacity of half a liter and a power of 700w.

6. Magiclux Mini 750ml Manual Food Chopper

Magiclux Tech Mini 750ml Manual Food Chopper,...
44 Reviews
Magiclux Tech Mini 750ml Manual Food Chopper,...
  • 【Multifunction】: This mini manual...
  • 【Perfect Chopping Job】: Powerful...
  • 【Safe To Use】: NO electricity...

This option offers you the power to chop your meat in a manual way. It is a low cost model, which means that it is suitable for all pockets.

You have to take into account the model you can buy in the 400ml or 750ml version. The blades included are very good, durable and very sharp, which means that the experience will be very good. In addition to meat you can also chop other foods such as vegetables.

Cleaning is very simple. You just have to disassemble, clean and finally reassemble. All this process is very easy and intuitive.

7. Duronic MG1600 Electric Meat Grinder

Duronic MG1600 Electric Meat Grinder | Mincer |...
217 Reviews
Duronic MG1600 Electric Meat Grinder | Mincer |...
  • The Duronic MG1600 sausage maker comes...
  • Creating your own mince, sausages and...
  • The Powerful 1800W MAX motor which will...

If you have always wanted to have a meat grinder in your house like the ones in the butcher shop, you will like this model. Its design is very similar, although it is true that its size is smaller.

With this model of 1800w of power, you can get chop meat in a simple and fast way. In turn, you can make your own sausages, sausages … which makes the machine very complete. To achieve this, you will only have to choose the disk that suits what you are going to use. And remember, it’s very light, it only weighs 4kg. You can move it without problems.

8. Elma Manual Meat Mincer

Elma Meat Mincer 22
  • Cast iron mincer with guaranteed...
  • Various functions: mincer and...
  • Suitable for spontaneous use

A very good quality option at a very competitive price. The truth is that it is one of the best manual models that you can buy today. It is very easy to use and the results you will get will be very good. Surely when you try it you will realize that you have made a good purchase.

It is a very robust machine that has been manufactured to last. For you to get used to the idea, it imitates very well the traditional models which have lasted entire generations.

9. NINJA Chopper NJ1002UKBK

NINJA NJ1002UKBK Chopper, Black
479 Reviews
NINJA NJ1002UKBK Chopper, Black
  • Simple pulse action to Chop, Mince and...
  • Unique Ninja blades for perfect...
  • Includes 2 stackable containers with...

A simple model, but perfect to chop different types of food in a very short time.

Its operation is really very simple, you just have to press down and the machine will start up. I find it interesting to say that it has a capacity of 0.5 litres and a power of 200w.

Despite its small size, it has very good blades, hence the minced meat is very easy to make. The only one that I could put to the model is that it has a little capacity. If you want to chop large amounts of meat you will have to do it several times. Although for domestic use this model may be sufficient.

10. Bosch MMR08R2 Food Chopper

I’m just talking about one of the best known and most complete models in the market. When I say it is one of the best known, I do not say it because it is from the Bosch brand, but because it is a mincer that comes out in Masterchef, which means that it is a highly recommended model that everyone wants to have in their kitchens.

The most demanded option is the 0.8-litre capacity since it is the version used in the well-known cooking program. But if this capacity seems small, you can also buy it in 1.5 litres, taking into account that in this case, the design is different.

It has a powerful 400w motor, which means that you can chop meat or other foods like vegetables without problems. Without forgetting that it is very easy to clean and most importantly, it has been manufactured with very good quality materials.

Do not forget that it includes a disc to mix cream or egg whites.


The first thing you should be clear about is if you need a meat grinder with more or less capacity. Depending on the quantities of meat you want to snack, you will have to buy a more or less large model. Of course, keep in mind the size of the chopper to be sure you are buying a model that you will then be able to save. Think that at home you will not need a chopper as big as those in the butcher shop.

The next thing I recommend you look at is if it will only allow you to mincemeat or it will also allow you to snack on other foods, that is multifunctional. Personally, I recommend this last option so that you can acquire the model that most interests you at all times.

The type of operation is another aspect that you have to take into account when buying one option or another. First of all, you have to be clear if you want the machine to work manually or automatically. In the case of wanting an automatic model, you will have to think about what system you want, either by a button or by pushing down. There are many options to choose from.

So that the meat is well chopped, it is really important that the chopper has good blades. Think that these blades must be very sharp and must be very resistant to use to get better results.

The power of the chopper is another important factor to assess. Never buy a model with low power because you may get stuck on more than one occasion or that you can not directly chop the meat that has a hard end.

You should not forget to look at other aspects such as the brand or if it is easy to clean or not. Safety is another aspect to keep in mind, especially if we do not want to suffer any type of accident while we are using the machine.

Cheap meat grinder

And if you want to buy a cheap meat grinder, you should know that the models that I have presented in the previous list will give you very good results in exchange for a very economical price. What’s more, if you buy it online, you will not only guarantee the best price, but you will have the assurance that the purchase will be the same.